31st Qutb

His Holiness Mast Ali Shah Shirvani



Allah’s countenance, source of referral for the worshippers of God, The voyager in Divine Pure Seas, His honorable name Haj Zain al Abedin and his spiritual title <<Mast Ali Shah>>. He was born in the mid of the month of Shaban 1194 AH in Shamakhi, one of the towns of Shirvan. When he was five years old, his father and mother and entire family went to Arab Iraq, and took up residence in lofty Karbala and lived there until the end.

His Holiness till the age of seventeen was under the teaching of his father and other jurists. From that time, he was seized by the desire to search and seek for the way to the truth, and visited many pious men and jurists and jurisprudents like Agha Mohammad Bagher Behbahani and Mir Syed Ali Behbahani and Moullana Abdul Samad Hamedani and Hajj Mirza Mohammad Akhbari and Sheikh Musa Bahraini, and from Gnostics reached the illuminating presence of Syed Masum Ali Shah Decanis, and Nour Ali Shah Isfahani, and Reza Ali Shah Heravi, and Ronagh Ali Shah Kermani, and attained the honor of their companionship.

That time, his enthusiasm for the search of knowledge forced him to travel to Arak and for sometime in that city he was engaged in expedition journey in that region. After traveling to Gilan, Shirvan, Talesh and Azerbaijan regions went to Khorasan in the year 1211 AH., and from there went to Herat and Zabol and Kabul and thereafter travelled to India and provinces of Gujarat and Punjab and Deccan and visited a part of the islands of India and the province of Sind and from the road to Jebal entered Kashmir and from there to Takharestan and Turan and Jebal Badakhashan and came to Khorasan, and left Khorasan with the intention of continuing expedition journey started and thereafter to Oman and Hazarmouth and the country of Yemen and Ethiopia, and at the end went to Hijaz for pilgrimage and after performing Hajj and visiting radiant Medina went towards Egypt and Damascus and Byzantine and Armenia and finally came back to Iran and went round to Hamadan and Isfahan and Fars and Kerman and again entered Baghdad.

His Excellency for a period of some years spent in expedition journey and touring cities and finally had the honor of meeting His Holiness Majzoub Ali Shah the First, and attained instructions and repented at his hands and for sometime was at the services of His Holiness and engaged in wayfaring till from the grace of His Holiness reached the summit of perfection and possessed the ability to hold the rank of his vicegerent and successor and in the year 1239 AH when His Holiness Majzoub Ali Shah passed away and handed the guardianship of the affairs of the fughara and the guidance of the seekers to His Holiness.

His Holiness independently sat on the throne of guidance and was occupied in the guidance of the worshippers, till the year 1253 AH was on the throne of guidance and in the same year vacated the Robe of sincerity and before had appointed Haj Mirza Zain ul Abedin Rahmat Ali Shah as his successor and vicegerent. The duration of his life was for 53 years and for 14 years sat on the throne of guidance.

Authorized persons on behalf of His Holiness

1)      His Highness Sadr ol Mamalek Ardebili

2)      His Highness Haj Syed Mohammad Ali Kermanshahi endowed with the title Munawar Ali Shah.

Compilations and Writings by His Holiness

1)      Bostan O Seyaheh

2)      Riaz O Seyaheh

3)      Hadayekh O Seyaheh

4)      Kashf O Maaref

Well known comtempories of His Holiness from Jurisprudents and Jurists

1)      Sheikh Ahmad Ehsavi

2)       Molla Ahmad Naraghi

3)      Hojat al Islam Syed Mohammad BagherShafti

4)      Haj Mohammad Ebrahim Karbasi

5)      Sheikh Hassan bin Sheikh Jaffer Kashef Alghata

6)      Syed Mohammad Kazem Rashti Haeri

7)      Haj Mirza Hassan Imam Jomeh known as Sultan O olama

From Mystics and authorized Sheikhs

1)      Mirza Fazlullah Sharifee Zahabi

2)      Mirza Abdulnabi Sharifee Zahabi

3)      Mirza Amin Khakhi Shah Shirazi

4)      Sabet Ali Qahfarrokhi

5)      Reza Ali Shah Heravi

6)      Mirza Abulqasem Dervish

From poets and sages

1)      Mirza Abdulvahab Neshat Isfahani

2)      Amir ol shoara Reza Gholi Hedayat

3)      Abdul Razzaq Maftun

4)      Hujat Lari

5)      Saqar Shirazi

6)      Mirza Habibullah Gha’ani

7)      Vessal Shirazi

From Kings and Rulers

1)      Mohammad Shah Qajar

2)      Fat’h Ali Shah Qajar

3)      Haj Mirza Aghasi

4)      Mirza Abolqasem Qayem Magham Farahani.



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تصوف ايران ۱۳۸۵

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