28th Qutb

His Holiness Reza Ali Shah Deccani



The Propagator of Sharia, and the Reviver of Tarigha, the Guardian Gnostic, and the Glorious Sultan, His Holiness Reza Ali Shah of Deccan. His noble name Seyed Ali Reza and his spiritual title is Reza Ali Shah. He is the son and successor of Sheikh Shams-e-din. His birth place was Hyderabad of Deccan and after the death of His Holiness Shams-e-din his honorable father, took the responsibility of guidance and instructing the people and by his blessed hands, initiated a great number of seekers into the Nimatullahi Spiritual Order. According to whatever has been translated by the book “Mahboobe Zolmanin Tadhkirat-ul-Ouliya of Deccan” written by Mohammad Abdul Jabar Fazel Hendi which has been complied in Urdu language and as narrated by the book “Meskkat ul Nobavat” it is inferred that, His Holiness Reza Ali Shah after his esteemed father, was engaged in guiding the worshippers in upmost tranquility and calm for a period of one year. Until he was attracted by a divine attraction of the Al-Rahman, and he was ruptured in such a way that for sometimes he had no attention to the world and its surroundings. During this time Mir Ali, brother of His Holiness who though was a close kin but was like scorpion and was caught in the grip of his own carnal desires, jealousy and selfishness, used the opportunity and with the help and co-operation of His Holiness’ mother made out a list and ascribed His Holiness Reza Ali Shah to insanity and attributed the dominant divine attraction upon His Holiness as a result of insanity and decline of intellect, and proposed to the fughara and friends that till the recovery of health of His Holiness, he should be prohibited to leave the Khanegha and Mir Ali in place of His Holiness be the master and leader of the fughara and in the rank of a vicegerent sit on the throne of guidance. And had this list craftily signed by many notables and Sheikhs, and based on this held His Holiness Reza Ali Shah in custody and started deviating the fughara from His Holiness and directed all their attentions to him (Mir Ali). Until, His Holiness’ son Mr. Mir Seyed Ahmad wrote a complaining letter to the ruler of that time Nezam Ali Khan and requested the rescue of his noble father from the custody of his bad paternal uncle. On the orders of the ruler, His Holiness was rescued from custody, and once again became the beautifying adornment of the assembly of fughara and for a long time was engaged in guiding the people.

His Holiness for many times manifested and revealed extraordinary generosities. Among them: Nezam Ali Khan who with his order Hazrat Shah was rescued from custody, came up a military expedition in the year 1209 and for the suppression of the Marathas who were a large and rebellious clan in Deccan, was compelled to attack Kerala to stop the viciousness of the rebellious and during that time when Nezam Ali Khan was engaged in severe fighting, again the state of attraction occurred on His Holiness Reza Ali Shah, and he took a sword in his hands and cut down some trees in the garden of the Khanegha, after then sheathed the sword and returned back to his room. After recovery from that state, in answer to the question of disciples and those present said: I saved the life of thousands of Muslims. Disciples did not understand the mystery of that, until news reached that on the same day, an intense fighting between Nezam Ali Khan and the infidels of Marathas took place and the army of Nezam Ali Khan defeated the enemy with the least casualties and won victory.

His Holiness Reza Ali Shah had a pompous and luxurious life and would come out from the khanegha with full dignity, and always groups of specials and commons, ignobles and nobles were in his retinue. There is disagreement regarding the duration of His Holiness’ life. In most complied biographies and histories in Iran, His Holiness’ age has been written as up to a hundred and twenty years but according to the records of the book of “Muskkoot ul Nobavat” which has been complied in India and was home country and residence of His Holiness Reza Ali Shah should be nearer to reality. The duration of His Holiness’ life is written as seventy years and the date of His Holiness’ death is mentioned as the 8th of Ramazan 1215 Hijri, and this date of demise in so far as it has been recorded in other biographies is compatible.

However, many guided by His Holiness’ hand, reached the degree of perfection with auspicious of his training and favors and attention and were successful to obtain permission for initiation and guidance. Among such were His Excellency Seyed Masum Ali Shah and Sirr Ali Shah and Mahmoud Ali Shah and Hydar Ali Shah Hindi and Assad Ali Shah Dehlavi and Ahmad Ali Shah and Enayat Ali Shah and Shah Tahir Deccani and His Excellency Hussein Ali Shah Isfahani who was his successor and vicegerent and is the next Qutb (pole) after him.

His Holiness Reza Ali Shah ordered His Excellency Masum Ali Shah to travel to Iran and to guide and spiritually instruct Iranians, His Excellency Seyed departed for Iran and in that country guided and initiated many and under his auspicious shelter reached Their Excellencies Faiz Ali Shah and Nour Ali Shah to the perfection and with permission for guidance delegated them to travel to other cities. Since this honorable Seyed was in Iran and far away from India and did not have apparent access to the Pole of the Poles His Holiness Reza Ali Shah, with the permission he had from His Holiness appointed His Excellency Nour Ali Shah as his successor after him, and assigned him as Sheikh of the Sheikhs. As cited before, His Holiness Reza Ali Shah in the year 1215 (Hijri) died in Hyderabad. His vicegerent is His Holiness Nour Ali Shah Isfahani. His sacred grave is in the khanegha of his elevated grandfather His Holiness Sheikh Mahmoud and in the vicinity of his noble father Sheikh Shams-e-din.

Contemporaries of His Holiness from religious authorities and jurists:

1)    Sheikh Jafar Ibn Sheikh Khezr, famed as Kashef-ul-Qeta.

2)    Seyed Sadiq bin Seyed Hussein Husseini, famed as Faham

3)    Agha Mohammad Baqer bin Mohammad Akmal, famed as Agha Behbahani

4)    Seyed Mehdi Tabatabaie, famed as Bahr-ul-Uloum

5)    Mirza Mohammad, famed as Shahrestani Haeri


From Mystics and authorized Sheikhs:

1)    Sheikh Zahed Thani Gilani

2)    Seyed Sadr-e-din Dezfuli Zahabi


From Sultans and Emirs:

In India:

1)    Sultan Jalal-u-din, called as Shah-e-Alam

2)    Nezam Ali Khan Asef-Jah the second

In Othmani:

1)    Sultan Abdul Hamid the first

In Iran:

1)    Lutf Ali Khan Zand

2)    Jafar Khan Zand

3)    Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar


From Poets and Sages:

1)    Seyed Ahmad Hatef Isfahani

2)    Mirza Hussain Ronaq Ali Shah

3)    Mirza Abdullah Shahab Tarshizi

4)    Mirza Jafar Isfahani with the pen name of Safi

5)    Soliman Sabahi Shaer (the poet).



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