27th Qutb

His Holiness Sheikh

Shams-e-Din Deccani



The glorious Sultan and the nearest to the Omniscient God, His Holiness Sheikh Shams-e-din Deccani. His honorable name Shams-e-din and was well known in his birthplace Deccan as Shams-e Moula. His Holiness is the son of Sheikh Mahmud Deccani. His Holiness likewise was well known in Deccan as Shah Mahmud Ouliya. Sheikh Shams-e-din according to whatever has been translated and cited from the book of “Mahboobe Zolmanin Tadhkirat al-Ouliya of Deccan” written by Mohammad Abdul Jaber Hendi in the Urdu language, was born in the year 1080 Hijri (1669 AD) in the city of Hyderabad of Deccan and under the auspices graciousness and care of his noble father grew up and after completing the period of childhood, from the presence of his noble father and other religious authorities and learned men of that country acquired external sciences, till he completed and was perfect in external sciences. After completing the external sciences and rhetoric, was desirous to seek the esoteric and mystical science and by the hands of his great esteemed father entered the arena of mystical journey till by the kindness of God the Almighty and the attention of his noble spiritual guide with diligence and perseverance in the way reached the upmost degree of mystical journey and became eligible and able for guidance and leading of the people and attained the position of his father’s vicegerent and successor and was delegated for guiding the people.

His Holiness possessed numerous inspirations and miracle. The general public of Deccan of Shias and Sunnis believed in His Holiness and were sincere to his glorified personality. His Holiness also was equally kind and affectionate to both sects likewise and used to quench all from the limpid waters of wisdom and guidance. Likewise, had good and loving behavior with affection and generosity and respect with all Sheikhs and representatives of spiritual orders.

His Holiness was in his house which was located on top of a hill most of the time and used to be secluded for prayers and did not socialize with special and public classes of the people, and only for one day in a week - on Thursdays - would come out of his room and speak with his disciples, believers and visitors, and would benefit them from his presence. In "Anwar ul akhyar" printed in India, it is mentioned the manner in which His Holiness would exit from his house, that he with white clothes and white turban on his head, a white shawl wrapped round his waist, sword and dagger hanging from it, would come out and the disciples would stand by the door of his room in respectable position would welcome him with salutations, praise and greetings and remembrances and glorification of the Almighty God. And then, His Holiness would sit down in the midst of them and would engage in speech and explain points of spiritual journey or would be attentive and engage in the remembrance and meditation of God. And anyway at his presence there was such a soul and awe soothing silence that no one would have the opportunity to speak on worldly matters.

The author of the book of  "Meskkat ul Nobavat" writes, His Holiness was endowed with and possessor of having numerous generosities, such as it is well known that His Holiness Shams-e-din on the death anniversary of His Holiness Sheikh Mahmoud, his honorable father, as usual to Indian customs would make preparations and provisions for a commemoration which was called Ors in the Indian language; a great number of disciples and believers would be gathered in his presence to go to the top of the hill where the shrine of His Holiness Sheikh Mahmood was located and pay their respects. Suddenly news reached that a jungle lion appeared and blocked the way of wayfarers. The assembled people were panicky and perplexed as to what to do. Suddenly His Holiness Sheikh Shams-e-din went alone towards the lion’s location and said: Today is the Ors of His Holiness Shah Mahmoud and the people have gathered to carry out ceremonies and recite the prayer for the dead, you go away from this place and open the way. The lion on hearing the words of His Holiness went towards the jungle till disappeared from view.

According to the narration of the book “Tadhkirat al-Ouliya of Deccan” His Holiness vacated the robe of guidance and accelerated to the residence of eternity on the 14th of Jamaadi ul Awwal in the year 1161 Hijri (1775 AD) at the age of eighty and entrusted the seat of guidance to his vicegerent and elder son His Holiness Seyed Ali Reza with the endowed title of Reza Ali Shah. The sacred grave of His Holiness Sheikh Shams-e-din is in the vicinity of the sacred grave of his honorable father Sheikh Mahmoud in the same place which is on top of a hill in Hyderabad and famed as the hill of Shah Mahmoud, and is a place of pilgrimage for the general and special public.

The sons of His Holiness Shams-e-din:

His Holiness had four sons

1)      Seyed Ali Reza endowed with the spiritual title RezaAli Shah

2)      Seyed Mohammad Ali

3)      Shah Azim-e-din

4)      Seyed Arteza

Contemporary Sultan during the time of His Holiness: Asefjah Deccani the head of the dynasty kingdom of Asefjahi in Hyderabad.



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