18th Qutb

His Holiness

Mir Shah Habib-e-din Mohebullah the First


The most perfect wayfarer and the greatest of learned His Holiness Mir Shah Habib-e-din Mohebullah the First. He was the fourth son of Shah Khalilullah son of Shah Nimatullah and vicegerent and successor of his honorable father. After birth, for the first time that he was taken to his grandfather Shah Nimatullah, about him, he said:

My Mohebullah, O light of my eyes,

for Khalilullah is an arrived guest,

for thirty years and thirty months and thirty days,

he will stay with praiseworthy morals.

As cited in the biography of his noble father, to be at the service of his father, he went to Deccan. Sultan Ahmad Shah Deccani showed full friendship to him, and his granddaughter who was the daughter of Prince Aladdin got married to him. His Holiness took up residence in Deccan, became resident of that country and in the year 860 Hijri (1456 A.D.), his father vacated the robe and handed the caliphate and succession and vivifying the esteemed spiritual order over to him.

After his father, he took responsibility of Tarighah affairs. He built a Khaneghah in the west of Ahmadabad Bidar. His Holiness, although was the son-in-law of the king and sultan of the time, there was no signs of privileges and close proximity with the palace and kingdom with him.

All the endeavor of His Holiness was the propagation of Shariah and development of Tarighah. The Naitmatullah Spiritual Order during that era he was on the throne of guidance took a new appearance and fresh value. The disposition of his conduct and good behavior and dignity and majesty was in such a manner that Sultan Homayun Bahmani who was known for being ruthless tyrant and oppressor and known for being fearless and bold, did not have a chance to mistreat and be impolite and persecute His Holiness. His Holiness Shah Habib-e-din Mohebullah in the battlefield against infidels and crusade, as in the niche of solitude and self discipline and arena of guidance was courageous and fearless and in the smaller crusade was always dominant triumphant and victorious as in greater crusade. In the battles that were designated with the infidels in that region, showed outstanding courage and manliness. At the time when Nezam Shah Bahmani was occupied in fighting with the Changiz and Auriya Rajas, His Holiness who was accompanying him with the intention of fighting, separated from the army with 160 armed cavalry to face the infidels who were 10,000 infantry on foot and 40,000 mounted cavalry and from early morning to mid afternoon was occupied in fighting till victory was gained. During the reign of Mohammad Shah Bahmani on the throne of sultanate, Shah Mohebullah and Shah Habibullah who were pre-eminent Sheikhs of the time supplicated for blessings and placed the Bahmani crown over the head of Mahmood Shah Bahmani.

Finally, His Holiness Mohebullah during the sultanate of Shah Mahmood in the year 914 Hijri (1508 A.D.) in Deccan passed away and was buried in the tomb of his noble father. It is said that during the period of his life, he was the father of 73 children, that 41 out of them lost their lives during childhood and 17 boys and 15 girls grew up to maturity, that one of his noble children, His Holiness Mir Kamal-e din Ati’atullah was his vicegerent and successor. The period of his divine authority on the throne of guidance was for 54 years.

Contemporary notables during the time of His Holiness from religious authorities and jurists:

1)      Maulana Abdul Rahman Jami

2)      Maulana Kamal-e-din Hussein bin Ali – al-Vaez Kashefi Heravi

3)      Kazi Kamal –e –din Hussain Maybodi

4)      Jalal-e-din Mohammad Dawani

From Mystics and authorized Sheikhs of Tarighat

1)      Syed Jalal-e-din, famous as Sheikh Chand Azar Hindustan

2)      Khajeh Moeed Mahneie, grandchild of Sultan Abu Syed

3)      Khajeh Yusef Borhan, grandchild of Sheikh Ahmad Jam

4)      Khajeh Nasser-e-din Abdullah Naqshbandi

5)      Shah Kazem Nourbaksh

6)      Shah Taher Deccani

7)      Sheikh Qutb –e-din Yahya

From Kings and Emirs:

In India :

1) Yusef Adel Shah Hindi

2) Sultan Mohammad Shah Mohammad bin Miranshah

In Iran:

1) Sultan Abu Saeed Sultan Mohammad bin Miranshah

2) Mirza Baber ibn Omr Sheikh bin Sultan Abu Saeed

 3) Sultan Ahmad bin Sultan Abu Saeed

Poets and Sages

1)      Mirza Abu-al-qasem Mir Fenderiski

2)      Ahli the poet of Shiraz

3)      Banaie the poet

4)      Hatefi the poet



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