14th Qutb

His Holiness

Sheikh Salih Berberi



The Perfect Spiritual Guide and The Destined Wayfarer His Holiness Sheikh Salih Berberi. His noble name is Seyed Razi-e-din Salih. He is a native of Berber of Maghrib.[1] There are two places called Berber. One is in the east, situated on the soil of Afghanistan near to Kabul. The other in the west, an ancient large country, in the western regions of Sudan and Egypt, and its entire people are of Arab race. His Holiness Sheikh Salih is inhabitant of Berber of Maghrib. His Holiness associated and met with many Syrian and Egyptian Sheikhs, and benefitted from each one spiritually, till finally he reached the presence of His Holiness Sheikh Kamal-e-din Kufi and devoted himself and wore the robe of sincerity from his hands and received the permission of guidance and initiation of the seekers from His Holiness and guided and instructed numerous people to the main highway of guidance. Among the disciples and companions His Holiness had special kindness to His Holiness Sheikh Abdullah Yafei and took him under his attention and training and guided him to perfection and handed over his succession and vicegerency and guidance of the people to him.

His Holiness Sheikh Salih on account of longevity associated and met many mystics and sheikhs of different regions and sects and all of them benefitted from his blessings and from his honorable holy breath and observed generosities from His Holiness. His Holiness died during the time of Uljaytu Khan Moghol between the year 702 Hijri (1303 AD) to 716 Hijra (1316 AD) and handed over the affairs of the Order and position of guidance to His Holiness Sheikh Abdullah Yafei.  


Notable contemporaries of His Holiness from great Sheikhs and Mystics:

1) Sheikh Ala-o-douleh Semnani

2) Sheikh Zahed Gilani

3) Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammad al-Razi

4) Sheikh Safi-e-din Ardebili


From jurisprudents and jurists:

1) Allameh Hussain bin Yusef bin Motahar Helli famed as Ibn Motahar

2) Seyed Abol Hassan Ali bin Abdollah Shazeli

3) Khajeh Nasir-e-din Toosi

4) Abol Khair Abdollah bin Amr bin Mohammad bin Ali Beyzavi famed as Qazi Beyzavi

5) Qazi Shams-e-din Abolabbas Ahmad bin Mohammad



1) Holaku Khan Moghol

2) Abgha Khan Moghol

3) Ahmad Khan bin Holaku

4) Arghun Khan

5) Uljaytu Soltan Mohammad Khodabandeh


From Poets and Sages:

1) Baba Afsal Kashi

2) Homam Tabrizi the poet.


[1] Maghrib, refers to five countries located in North Africa. Maghrib is an Arabic word, literally means "place of sunset" or "the west" The term is generally now used, mainly by Arabs, to refer collectively to the African countries of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania and the disputed territory of Western Sahara.


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