13th Qutb

His Holiness

Sheikh Kamal-e-din Kufi




The Perfect Faithful and the Sufi Ascetic, His Holiness Sheikh Kamal-e-din Kufi. His name has also been recorded as Sheikh Najm-e-din Kufi. His Holiness associated with and met many illumined righteous and Sheikhs such as Muhiyuddin Arabi and Sheikh Shahab-e-din and finally became the disciple and devotee of His Holiness Sheikh Abol Fotouh and under his auspices favor, was guided to perfection and attained the position of his successor and vicegerent. His Holiness during his period of guidance of worshippers guided many seekers and entered them into the arena of spiritual wayfaring and gave the honor to speak and associate with him to many, such as, Kamal-e-din Ismail Isfahani and Ibn Farez Hamavi and Sheikh Salih Berberi. Among them he favored Sheikh Salih more than the others and had a deeper regard for him and guided him to the degree of perfection and the position of being his successor and vicegerent.

His Holiness Sheikh Kamal-e-din died during the period of Mostasam Abbasi between the year 644 Hijri (1246 AD) and 650 Hijri (1252 AD). Apparently the period of guidance of His Holiness was between 30 to 40 years and his successor and vicegerent is Sheikh Salih Berberi. 


Contemporaries of His Holiness from notable Sheikhs and Mystics:

1) Sheikh Muhiyuddin Arabi famed as Ibn Arabi

2) Abu Jaffer Abol Qasem famed as Ibn Farez

3) Abu Abdollah Phirouzabadi the compiler of Qamous

4) Shahab-e-din Omar Sohrevardi

5) Sheikh Razi-e-din Ali Lala Qaznavi

6) Sheikh Najm-e-din Dayeh

7) Maulana Shams-e-din Tabrizi

8) Maulana Jajal-e-din Rumi

9) Baha-e-din Valad


From jurisprudents and jurists:

1) Abu Amr Osman bin Salih-e-din known as Ibn Salih Sohrevardi

2) Abu Abdollah Mohammad bin Soleiman al Maghafari known as Ibn abi Rabie

3) Hossein bin Abdulaziz known as Ibn Abil-Ahvas

4) Abdulhamid bin Hibatullah bin Mohammad known as Ibn abil-Hadid

5) Razi-e-din Ala bin Yusef bin Ali bin Motahar Helli brother of Allameh Helli


From Poets and Sages:

1) Kamal-e-din Ismail Isfahani,

2) Sheikh Mosleh-e-din Saadi Shirazi


From Caliphs:

Al-Mostansar Bellah Abbasi

Al-Mostasam Bellah Abbasi



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تصوف ايران ۱۳۸۵

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