12th Qutb

His Holiness

Sheikh Abol Futuh




Possessor of Victories of the Heart, and Guiding Master of the Mysteries of Truth: His Holiness Sheikh Abol Futuh. His noble name is Abu Saeed al Sa’idi that the name Sa’idi is due to his lineage with the region Sa’id of Egypt.[1] He is the successor of Sheikh Abu Madyan and after the death of Abu Madyan was appointed and engaged in leading and guiding and initiation of seekers and in this way endeavored much.

He was the brother in faith to Sheikh Moosa Sadrani and Sheikh Mohyiddin Arabi. His Holiness had a high distinguished position in the spiritual order and mysticism, as such that one of the illumined righteous has said:


Hundred thousand sufferings emerged to the soul,

 Till Sa’idi was manifested like Abol Futuh.”


His Holiness participated in one of the wars between Egyptian Muslims with foreigners and reached the sublime degree of martyr, and this incident took place during the last years of the rule of Al-Nasser-li-Dinallah Abbasi between the year of 602 Hijri (1206 AD) and 620 Hijri (1223 AD). His successor and vicegerent who by his command undertook the responsibility of the affairs of the respectable Order and to revive the tarigha after him, is Sheikh Najm-e-din Kamal Kufi.


Notable contemporaries of His Holiness from religious authorities and jurists:

1) Sadr-e-din Abol Hassan Mohammad Bin Omrani Hamaviyeh al-Juvini Faghieh

2) Abi Al Hassan Ali bin Abi al Karam famed as Ibn Asir

3) Majd-e-din Abol Saadat bin Al-Mubarak bin Abi Al-Karam, compiler of the book: Alnahayeh

4) Ezz-e-din Abu Hamed Abdul Hamid bin Hebatullah famed as Ibn Abi Al-Hadid


From Sheikhs and Mystics:

1) His Excellency Sheikhs Farid-e-din Attar Neyshabouri

2) Abolfazl Ahmad bin Abi Al Faza’ell

3) Ahmad bin Ebrahim Al-larey

4) Sheikh Abu Mohammad famed as Sheikh Ruzbahan

5) Sheikh Qutb-e-din Haidar whose grave is in Torbat Haydariyeh

6) Sheikh Abol Hassan Ali bin Hamid famed as Ibn Sabbaq


From Caliphs:

1) Al-Nasser- li-Dinallah and Al-Zaher Billah Abbasi


From Sultans and Amirs:

1) Sultan Jalal-e-din Kharazmeshah

[1] Sa'id in Egypt is a land strip on both sides of the Nile valley called Upper Egypt


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تصوف ايران ۱۳۸۵

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