8th Qutb

His Holiness

Sheikh Abolfazl Baghdadi




The divine Learned and Explorer of the Secrets of Original. His Holiness Sheikh Abolfazl Baghdadi. His Holiness is famous with the same name of “Abolfazl “. He was trained by and is successor of Sheikh Ahmad Ghazali and after Sheikh Ahmad was the Sheikh of Sheikhs in the horizons and for guidance and leading the people strived and endeavored. He was far away from the attachments of this world and with endeavor, struggle and servitude was well known also for training the people and used to perform precisely and did not miss a moment from the moments of divine Shariah (Islamic canonical laws). Many people found the road through him and sped towards the arena of mystical journey and each of them attained the degree of perfection according to their own endeavor and motivation, especially Sheikh Abol-Barakat who under his auspices attention and kindness reached the sublime degree of perfection and status of attaining to be his vicegerent and successor.

His Holiness Sheikh Abol Fazl died in the year 550 Hijri (1155 AD) and his vicegerent is Sheikh Abol-Barakat. The period of His Holiness’s caliphate over the throne of guidance was for 33 years.


Contemporaries of His Holiness from Sheikhs and Mystics:

1) Sheikh Abol Najeeb Abdulqaher Sohrevardi

2) Ein ul Qozat Hamedani

3) Abu Nasr Ahmad bin Abol Hassan known as Sheikh Ahmad Jami

4) Sheikh Yusef bin Saeed a-Sufi

5) Sheikh Abo Hassan Bostee

6) Sheikh Sadr-e-din Ismail bin abi Saeed a-Sufi

7) Sheikh Abol Abbas


From Jurisprudents and Jurists:

1) Abubakr Mohammad bin Abdullah known as Ibn-e-Arabi

2) Abol Faraj Abdul Rahman bin abol Hassan known as Ibn Jowzi

3) Hussain bin Mohammad bin Hussain known as Ibn Khamees, a  Shafeie  jurist.

4) Sheikh Abu Ali Tabarsi


From Caliphs:

1) Al Amer be Ahkam-ullah

2) Al Hafez-le-dinallah Fatemi Ismaili

3) Al Mostarshod-o-Billah

4) Al Rashed-o-Billah

5) Al Moqtafi  Billah Abassi


From Amirs and Sultans:

1) Sultan Sanjar bin Malek Shah Saljuqi

2) Bahram Shah bin Masood bin Ibrahim Qaznavi


From Poets and Savants:

1) Amir Moezee

2) Hakim Anvari

3) Hakim Suzani

4) Ibn Homeyra Shami

5) Adib Saber


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استفاده و كپی برداری از منابع، مطالب، محتوی و شكل این سایت با رعایت امانت و درستی آزاد است.

تصوف ايران ۱۳۸۵

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