6th Qutb

His Holiness

Sheikh Abu Bakr Toosi Nassaj



The Distinguished Learned on the Decrees of God, Promulgator of the Religion of God and Incandescent Light, His Holiness Sheikh Abu Bakr bin Abdullah Toosi Nassaj was endowed a high elevated status in spiritual path and had an exalted position. He was devotee and disciple of His Holiness Sheikh Abul Qasem Gurakani and was spiritual guide of his successor and vicegerent His Holiness Sheikh Ahmad Ghazali Toosi and also was a companion to Sheikh Abu Bakr Dinvari.


It is said, his disposition in the beginning as a seeker, he strived and endeavored a lot but striving did not yield discernment. He hopelessly lamented at the Divine threshold of God the Almighty. Within him they inspired, saying “Nassaj” you are needy servant, accustom yourself for suffering afflictions, what have you to do with acquiring. But he did not despair and did not give up till whatever he wanted he acquired. Sheikh Ahmad Ghazali says that my Sheikh, Sheikh Abubakr in his supplication stated: O’ God, what was the wisdom in my creation? Was replied: the wisdom behind your creation is to see me in the mirror of your soul and the admittance of my love in your heart. His Holiness after Sheikh Abol Qasem Gurakani sat on the throne of guidance on his command and till the year 478 Hijri (1086 AD) was engaged in guidance of worshippers and in that year passed away. The period of his guidance was for thirty seven years and his successor and vicegerent is Sheikh Ahmad Ghazali. This couplet was said as the chronogram (Article of date) on the date of his death:


When Bubakr Nassaj left this transitory world

and acquired proximity with the Beloved,

If you want to know his death date,

say the Qutb of the world is beloved Bubakr.


Contemporaries of His Holiness from notable Sheikhs:

1) Sheikh Abubakr Dinvari

2) Abol Fazl Mohammad bin Hassan Khatli


From Jurisprudents and Jurists:

1) Sheikh Abu Es'hagh Shirazi

2) Jamal-e-din Ebrahim Shafeie

3) Abubakr Khatib

4) Ahmad bin Ali bin Sabet


From Caliphs:

1) Al Qaem bi Amrellah

2) Al Moqtadi bi Amrellah Abbasi


From Sultans and Amirs:

1) Sultan Alb Arsalan

2) Sultan Malik Shah Saldjuqi

3) Ebrahim bin Masood Ghaznavi


Brief sayings of His Holiness:

Said: Imagination of water does not quench thirst and visualizing fire does not generate warmth and claim of spiritual quest does not reach the subject meaning. He also said: till the cobweb of imaginary existence does not burn and the heart’s eye does not tailor with the needle of zeal to not see anyone apart from Him, in the solitude of the house of existence, the candle of manifestation of the Beloved will not kindle, because no one sows seeds in the already sown ground and no one writes on a paper already written, and also said: “reliance” is that you see prohibition and bestowal from no one other except God and be certain that reliance in truth is the attribute of Ebrahim Khalil (AS), because they wanted to throw him in the fire, Gabriel said: Do you have any wish? Said: not from you, because he was absent from himself and was spectator of Truth and not other than the Truth came to his sight.


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تصوف ايران ۱۳۸۵

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