His Holiness Haj Engineer Seyyed Ali Reza Jazbi “Sabit Ali Shah”

(May God prolong his life and keep him alive)


The Promoter of the Mostafavi Sharia Commandments, and the Sage of Mortazavi Tariqa Etiquette, the Guide toward the Twelve Imams, the Manifest of the Light of the Most High and the Holder of the Bright Script, the Son of the Progeny of Seyyeds, His Holiness Haj Seyyed Ali Reza Jazbi “Sabit Ali Shah”, our souls be sacrificed for him, is the son of the glorious gnostic and magnanimous Sheikh Haj Seyyed Hebatullah Jazbi “Sabit Ali” may God be pleased with him; who is from the Khatounabadi descendants of the Prophet (SAW), whose lineage reaches to His Holiness Imam Sajjad (AS) through thirty intermediaries and his forefathers all were from the honourable descendants and the honourable virtuous of radiant Madinah and the religious scholars who were permission-holders of the Isfahan Theological Seminary. He was born on 26th Bahman 1304 (SH) (1926 A.D), corresponding to 3rd of Shaban 1344 (AH) in Tehran. After completing his primary education, he entered the University of Tehran, and he received his Master's degree in Architecture Engineering from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1333 (SH) (1954 A.D). Thereafter he completed advanced studies in Urban Planning. On the outset, he worked for the Administration Office of the University of Tehran and after that in the Construction Bank and Housing Organization, and in this period he held many executive positions in most of Iran's cities. After finishing his tenure track, he retired and started teaching at the Faculty of Architecture of the National University (Shahid Beheshti University) and the University of Tehran, and then at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Science and Technology.

His Holiness Jazbi did Bayat with the honourable Sheikh Mirza Mehdi Mojtahid Solimani (Vafa Ali) who was an authorized sheikh of His Holiness Salih Ali Shah on the 22nd Esfand 1331 (SH) (1952 A.D), and so, he was initiated into dervish-hood. After the passing away of His Holiness Salih Ali Shah, during the time of His Holiness Haj Sultan Hussain Tabandeh Gonabadi Reza Ali Shah the Second, he renewed his Bayat by the hands of the His Excellency Haj Sheikh Mohammad Khan Rastin (Dervish Rownaq Ali).

In the year 1353 (SH) (1974 A.D) corresponding to 1394 (AH), he visited the House of God for obligatory Haj and visited luminous Medina. After then he performed the rituals of Haj of smaller pilgrimage and visited illustrious Mecca and luminous Medina several times.

After the death of His Holiness Reza Ali Shah the Second, during the time of His Holiness Mahboub Ali Shah, he renewed his Bayat by the hands of Mr Haj Mohammad Nouraie Baydokhti, who was authorized by His Holiness Mahboub Ali Shah to renew Bayat of the dervishes. On the 5th of Jamadi al-Awala, 1417 AH, coinciding with the birth anniversary of Hazrat Zainab and corresponding to 29th Shahrivar 1375 (SH) at the end of his teaching career at the University of Science and Technology, he was authorized by His Holiness Mahboub Ali Shah to perform congregational prayers for the dervishes and he temporarily and then permanently settled in Isfahan and was employed as a professor at the University Campus and then in the Faculty of Architecture of Islamic Azad University in Isfahan.

Due to his expertise in architecture and construction, His Holiness Jazbi has repeatedly contributed to the reconstruction and restoration of holy buildings and Hosseiniyahs related to the Nimatullahi Gonabadi Order. After the earthquake of Shahrivar 1347 (1968 A.D) in Gonabad, during the time of His Holiness Reza Ali Shah the Second, he was commissioned by His Holiness to rebuild and restore the dome of the Sultani Holy Shrine of Baydokht. And after the fire of Amir Soleimani Hosseiniyah on Ashura 1400 AH (9th of Azar 1358, 30 November 1980) he was responsible to design and rebuild the Amir Soleimani Hosseiniyah. By the order of His Holiness Reza Ali Shah, he was commissioned to rebuild and convert the house of the late Haj Sheikh Abdullah Haeri (Rahmat Ali Shah) into a Hosseiniyah in Farvardin 1366 (Shaban 1407 AH). So he designed and supervised the construction of the Haeri Hosseiniyah. The restoration of the tomb of His Holiness Sheikh Abulqasim Gorakani (the fifth Qutb of the Order) in Torbat Heydariyah is one of his other activities in the field.

After the painful death of His Holiness Mahboub Ali Shah, His Holiness Jazbi renewed his Bayat with His Holiness Haj Dr Nour Ali Tabandeh Majzoub Ali Shah the Second on the 7th of Ramadan 1417 AH (28 Dey 1375) and His Holiness re-granted the above-mentioned permissions to him and appointed him to renew the Bayat of the dervishes and permitted him to instruct the lingual remembrance of God and invocation and litanies of the prayers. At the same time, the supervision of preparing and building and installing the gravestone of His Holiness Mahboub Ali Shah was entrusted to him. He was also in charge of tiling the courtyard of the Sultani Tomb and its lower courtyard and the lower entrance.

By the order of His Holiness Majzoub Ali Shah the Second, His Holiness Jazbi was authorized to take Bayat from the seekers of truth and was honoured with the spiritual title “Sabit Ali” (His honourable father His Excellency Haj Seyyed Hebatullah Jazbi had also been given the title “Sabit Ali” by His Holiness Salih Ali Shah) on the 12th Dhu-al-Hijjah 1418 AH corresponding to the 21st Farvardin 1377 SH. Moreover, His Holiness Majzoub Ali Shah granted him a series of responsibilities to delegate missions in various affairs of the Order.

Moreover, on the orders of His Holiness Majzoub Ali Shah, he appointed some persons provisionally as authorized to lead the congregational prayer for the dervishes of Isfahan province. His Holiness Jazbi, by the way in the affairs of religious laws, has also permission in narration and the affairs of Hissabiyah from Ayatollah Qaravi Aliyari. After the passing away of His Holiness Haj Dr Nour Ali Tabandeh “Majzoub Ali Shah” on the 3rd of Dey 1398 according to his written and verbal wills, His Holiness Haj Seyyed Ali Reza Jazbi with the title of “Sabit Ali Shah” was appointed as the successor to the seat of Caliphate of the glorious Nimatullahi Sultan Ali Shahi Gonabadi Order.

He married the daughter of the late Mr Seyyed Abdul Karim Mir Emadi, paternal uncle of His Excellency Jazbi (father) during the period of his education, which resulted in four sons and four daughters, all of whom completed their higher educations. His wife passed away and joined the mercy of God on the 16th Azar 1390 (SH) corresponding to 11th Muharram 1434 AH.

During his retirement hitherto His Holiness revised and published “Resalih bab-e Velayat va rah-e Hedayat” compiled by His Excellency Seyyed Hebatullah Jazbi, that the first prints of which was scarce, and he proceeded to reprint it several times and made it available to those who were interested. Furthermore, he published “Resalih Jazbiyah” and “Resalih tarjumeh Dua Komail” and “Dua Ayad-e Rouz Azha va Eid Ghoban”. He wrote and derived the book of “Sargozashat Payambaran (The destiny of the Messengers) where totally derived from the Glorious Quran; and a book under the title “Ayat-e Quran Majid in which the Almighty God has mentioned Himself as the third person singular pronoun, namely “HU” including the verses of the Glorious Quran regarding the dignity of His Holiness Ali (AS)” and the book of “Kilid-e dar-e ganj-e Hakim” including an excerpt from the description of the Tasmiyah verse in the Surahs of the Quran as well. His Holiness Jazbi has translated three books of “Treaties on Arch and Azj (vault)”, and “Iranian geometry and design of prefabricated buildings” from Arabic and French into the Farsi language, and all of them have been published. He has also compiled a valuable collection of the instructions of spiritual guides and Sheikhs and the authorized persons from the time of His Holiness Masoum Ali Shah till now and also edited and compiled a collection of the instructions of the previous Masters from the time of His Holiness Nour Ali Shah the Second till now.

[1] With some changes, taken from the book: “Since Majzoub Ali Shah Kabudarahangi till Majzoub Ali Shah Gonabadi”, collected by Morteza Rahimi Shishdeh, Haqiqat Publication, 1394 (Solar Hijri), Tehran.


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