30th Qutb

His Holiness Majzoub Ali Shah Hamedani the 1st


The obvious unique and the right straight way, His Holiness Majzoub Ali Shah Hamedani. His noble name Mohammad Jaffer and he was from the Karaghuzelou tribe from the Ozbaklou clan. From father to father they were leaders of their tribe and clan and some of them attained the position of Ministry of Fars and commandership of Kerman.

His grandfather Hajj Abdullah Khan during the time of Karim Khan possessed rank and honor and held the governorship of Hamadan and its suburb regions, despite of governorship he was extremely virtuous and abstentious and with a extremely pleasant manner. Hajj Safar Khan, father of His Holiness in spite of having all the means of position and dignity and the readiness of all possibility to take in hand the rule and power turned away and withdrew from the affairs of this world, and despite of having all kinds of financial abilities confined to minimum eatables and clothings; nights and days was engaged in the worship of God and most of the years visited the Shrines of the guiding Imams (AS), till the last journey to lofty Kerbala passed away.

His growing son, His Excellency Majzoub Ali Shah during his childhood was engaged in studying sciences and till the age of seventeen studied the science of grammar and syntax and logic and literature, thereafter set out for Isfahan and for five years was occupied in completing various sciences by the side of knowledgeable authorities of that time. Then went to Kashan and for four years was engaged and studied in the presence of Moulana Mahdi Naraghi to acquire divine theology and principles of jurisprudence. While being occupied and observed in studying external sciences, vigilance in levels of asceticism and abstinence and research and scrutinizing in the way of religion, also were not out of his views.

The fact that, he was in the best time of his youth, he did not make his heart happy with the allurements of this world and the world in scope of his mind had not attraction, value and credit; continuously was in search for truth and discover the true goal. By this visage, he set out and met some devoted men and religious authorities and sages of that time such as Mirza Mohammad Ali, Mirza Nasr and Moulana Mehrab Gillani and Mirza Abolqasem Modares Isfahani and Sheikh Jaffer Najafi and Sheikh Ahmad Ehsavi and others. From each garden plucked a flower, but did not see the face of his final destination in their dialogues.

The futurity fire of eagerness in the search of his goal became sharper and the search for the purpose of truth seized him and took him towards mystics and dervishes. He met some people of this sect and associated with them and finally in Isfahan was initiated in the presence of the Master of Gnostics Hussain Ali Shah and saw the face of destination in the mirror of his face. Gave his hand in devotion and caught hold of the Master’s gown, repented and was instructed by His Excellency’s attention and guidance and he in very little time attained the high rank of Sufi path.

Thence got in the services of the mystics of God, Syed Masum Ali Shah and Nour Ali Shah and in the year 1207 Hijri on behalf of His Holiness Nour Ali Shah was granted permission to initiate and guide the worshippers. Till the year 1234, His Holiness Hussain Ali Shah in Kerbala appointed him as his vicegerent and successor and the affairs of the fughara handed over him. He then after, returned to his homeland and propagated divine laws and tarigeh, and occupied himself in spreading external and internal sciences.

In the homeland of His Holiness, despite of confessions of his contemporary authorities to his qualification of religious knowledge, repeatedly asked him to issue a decree in the affairs of religious laws and issue and embark on religious precepts; but he never accepted to issue decrees. He did not even accept to be leader of congregational prayers or custodianship of endowed properties. Nevertheless, therefore, according to the usual manner of the lovers of this world, jealousy and backbiting of the wicked towards Gnosticism and mysticism, some of those contemporaries who criticized and pretended to be learned, wrote infidelity and blasphemy about His Holiness and engaged their endeavors in extinguishing the light within him and made the governors to support them and started to vex and hurt His Holiness. Till finally, he was compelled to immigrate to Tabriz and in the year 1239 (Lunar-Hijri) during prostration in prayers, his noble spirit flew to the divine kingdom. His successor and vicegerent was His Holiness Mast Ali Shah. The period of his authority on the throne of guidance was five years.

His Holiness has written numerous books, among which

1)  The stages of Wayfarers (including 24 chapters on the manners of wayfaring)

2) The mirror of Haq (including 15 chapters)

3)  Explanation of the prays “Oh my God, illuminate me to serve you “

4)  Explanation on "Ziarat Jame’eh"

Those authorized on behalf of His Holiness

1) Mr. Zain al Mamalek Ahmed endowed with the title of Nezam Ali Shah Kermani

2) Chief of the Muslims, Mr. Mirza Muslim Urumieh’ie, endowed with the title of Nosrat Ali

3) Mr. Syed Hussain Zachegani Qazvini


Contemporaries of His Holiness:

Since the period of guidance of His Holiness was not more than five years, contemporaries of His Holiness were the same contemporaries of His Holiness Hussain Ali Shah.



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