29th Qutb

His Holiness Hussein Ali Shah Isfahani


The Mystic unified with Divine Unity and The Divine Jurist, His Holiness Hussein Ali Shah Isfahani. His noble name Mohammad Hussein, the perfect Sheikh of his time, and in the external sciences as well as his levels of interior rank, there was no one equal to him. In dervishhood and annihilation in divine unity and veracity and sincerity and abstinence was unique and matchless. In paramount dominance of devotees and attraction of seekers was peerless, in reality was similar to Khajeh Abdulla Ansari. His birthplace was the small town of Khonsar in Isfahan and his grandfather Sheikh Zain-ul-Din had extensive knowledge on rational and traditional sciences and was a virtuous devotee and congregational prayer leader.

His Excellency, at the time of his adolescence with the inheritance from his ancestors was engaged in the education of external sciences and virtues and after completing rational and traditional sciences set foot in the realm of search and started release of the self from transient ties and endeavored in the search for truth. Travelled in Iran and to Saudi Arabia and met and associated with many mystics and learned of his time and couldn't find his goal in no place, till finally reached the presence of those nearest to God Seyed Masoum Ali Shah and Nour Ali Shah and Faiz Ali Shah. On the order of Seyed Masoum Ali Shah, obtained zekr and repented by the hands of His Holiness Nour Ali Shah and in dervishhood and divine annihilation reached an elevated rank by the teaching of His Holiness Nour Ali Shah. For many years like a shadow was in the services of his spiritual guide, till he reached the apex of perfection; and on behalf of His Excellency Nour Ali Shah the First acquired permission to guide and lead worshippers and returned to his home land. Likewise before continued to preach and teach and being congregational payer leader and also to initiate and guide the seekers to the highway of truth; and set forth the external and internal guidance path for the people. And in the observance of both aspects was so precise that not only the fanatics were unaware of his interior secrets nor the inwardly from the superficial would figure him out and encountered him as fanatic. He would not allow superficial dervishes who were the cause of disgrace to Gnosticism to come near and in gatherings and sermons used to express the truth in such a way that the outwardly superficial persons would not understand him and those inwardly possessing wisdom from his statements benefit and profit. Till the year 1212 (Lunar-Hijri) in Zahab -a small town in Kordestan- in the presence of a group of fughara and dervishes, His Holiness Nour Ali Shah appointed him as his successor and after that, on behalf of the pole of the time and the center of Gnosticism, His Holiness Reza Ali Shah was appointed as his vicegerent and successor. Then he returned to his native hometown. For some times stopped in Iran and via Fars departed on a journey to Hajj and the sacred House of God. During the journey in every country and region, guided many seekers and those inclined, to the direct way of Tarigha.

After the return from the pilgrimage of Hajj to Isfahan, the envy of the jealous and the hostility of the bad-natured pseudo-jurist in regards to His Holiness manifested and they engaged in persecution and vexing, till the unjust governor was provoked and tempted and mislead. They insulted him very much and finally issued a decree for killing His Holiness and bound his legs in chains of cruelty and oppression. The King of Iran Fat’h-Ali Shah due to the complaint of his enemies, summoned His Holiness to Teheran and His Holiness after a lot of hardship during the journey from the unjust and cruel reached Teheran. Fat’h-Ali Shah after meeting His Holiness understood that the complaint from the slanderous was actually based on self-motivated grudge and spite. Thus showed kindness and affection towards His Holiness and granted permission to His Holiness to return back to his hometown. His Holiness entered Isfahan with full respect and honor and as before took the responsibility to guide the worshippers, till in the year 1233 (Lunar-Hijri) cut his ties from his apparent hometown and birth place and departed to Kerbala and lived close to the Holy Shrines. After some times, summoned number of those authorized in Tarighe and in the presence of them, appointed His Holiness Majzoub Ali Shah as his vicegerent and successor and handed the affairs and responsibility of the fughara over to him; and on the night of Wednesday the 11th of Muharram in the year 1234 (Lunar-Hijri), during recital of the evening prayers, said yes to the summons of God and his holy spirit flew to his beloved. As his birth date has not been recorded, his respectable age is not known, but the period he was on the throne of guidance was for 22 years.


Well known contemporaries of His Holiness from Mystics and authorized Sheikhs:

1.      Agha Ali Ashraf Akbar Shirazi

2.      Moullana Loftali Khaki Khorasani

3.      Hajj Mirza Abolqasem famed as Sukoot

4.      Moullana Mohammad Ismaiel Azqandi

5.      Hajj Ali Gilani famed as Bidandaan

6.      Sheikh Khalid Kord Naqshbandi

7.      Safi-ul-din famed as Safi al ghadr Naqshbandi


From Jurisprudents and scholars

1.      Seyed Jaffer bin abi Is'haq famed as Kashfi

2.      Sheikh Hassan Bin Sheikh Jaffer famed as Kashef ul Qetaa

3.      Moullana Ahmad Naraghi

4.      Seyed Mohsen Bin Seyed Hussain Baghdadi famed as Moqadas Kazemi

5.      Hajj Mohammad Mehdi Allameh Naraghi

6.      Abu Ali Mohammad Tabari the writer of Montahi al Maghal

7.      Mirza Abolqasem bin Hussain Gilani famed as Mirzaye Ghomi

8.      Sheikh Ahmad Ehsavi


From Poets and Wisemen

1.      Fat’halikhan Saba Kashani

2.      Mirza Morteza Mahjoob Torshizi

3.      Seyed Hussain Majmar Isfahani titled as Mojhtahed al Shoara

4.      Mirza Abdul Wahab Neshat Isfahani


From Sultans and Governors

In Iran Fat’h Ali Shah Qajar.

In Ottoman (Turkey) Sultan Mostafa Rabe' and Sultan Mahmood the 2nd.


Of His Statements:

One day, a person in his presence complained about a dervish stating that a certain dervish is performing an affair that is not deserving of dervishes.

Said: A person who does a shameful act and admits to his sin is thousand times better than the unfortunate who is dressed in the clothes of hypocrisy and deceit, and clad in ruse, and adorns himself in ornaments of dissension, and shows himself to be virtuous and pious. He is like Iblis in disguise who keeps away the servants of God from the way of guidance. And also said: Seekers of the right way are like Ahmar matches, but is more unobtainable than that, "A very few of my servants are grateful" (Surah Saba, verse 13). It is now quite long time that seekers are associated with me and declare to seek. Maybe more than hundred thousand persons came forth in my presence and among them, I did not see more than five persons who merely sought the nearness to the exalted God and there was no other objective besides the truth for them.



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