17th Qutb

His Holiness

Mir Shah Borhan-e-din Khalilullah



Mystic on the command of Allah and manifestation of the secrets of Allah, His Holiness Mir Shah Borhan-e-din Khalilullah. The only honorable son of His Holiness Shah Nimatullah Wali, and is the successor and vicegerent of His Holiness. He was born in Kuhbanan of Kerman in the year 775 Hijri (1374 A.D). His Holiness Shah Nimatullah has said about his birth:

From the command of the honored and glorified Lord

the peerless alive and the glorious omnipotent


Half an hour had passed the day

Friday in the month of Shaban


It was the 11th of the honorable month

The moon in Pisces and the sun in Libra


Five and seventy and seven hundred of year has gone

Suddenly in Kuhbanan


Mir Borhan-e-din Khalilullah

Came to me from the invisible world as guest


Address of welcome issued form the universe

Heard enthusiastic acclaim from the friends


His pursuit be the acquisition of divine science

Its result be endless life

By nature, right from his childhood, he was compassionate and loving, would make acquaintance soon to such an extent that whoever he would see, he would show kindness and affection to him. His honorable personality was very much to the attention and affection of his noble father, that from excess of fondness, about him he said:

O! you, because of the light in your face, the two eyes of my spirit are luminous

O! my Khalilullah, my son, my reason


The candle of my spiritual banquet is lighted from the light of your face

Be ever lighted always, the eyes and light of my spirit


Seventy years have passed of my life

You are the harvest of my life, O’ thou my eternal life


Memorial of Naimatullah, brightness of the eye of the Prophet

Descendant of the Taha of Al Yasin, auspices of my sultan

His Holiness Khalilullah studied the external sciences, under his father’s sincere disciples and completed the esoteric epistemologies and science of spiritual journey under the auspices training of his father. From the inner blessings of his father was successful, traversed the degrees of perfection, till attained and moved towards Caliphate and successor of his father. After the death of his honorable father according to the permission and order of his father, took responsibility of guiding the aspirants and guidance of seekers of the path to the truth and during that time, 59 years had passed from his age. His Holiness Shah Nimatullah addressed him and about him had said that:

Our viator and Emir Khalilullah

On all paths, accompanying everyone


Gather all the viators and joyfully say

He is Unique; there is no God except Him.

Since his fame of his accession to the throne of guidance reached near and far, from every city and territory, the faithful and dervishes came to his doorway to renew allegiance and receive moral distinction. When the governor of Kerman became aware of the rush of the people and crowd of the people at his doorway, was frightened, wrote a detailed report on the great number of admirers and supporters and exaggerated concerning the wealth of His Holiness to the sultan of that time: Shahrokh Taimuri, showed his mental anguish in such a way that Shahrokh was worried too and summoned His Holiness secretly to the capital of Harat. His Holiness according to the summons of the sultan went to Harat, for sometime stopped in that city. It is said whenever His Holiness Khalilullah would go to a king’s palace, he would sit in a palanquin till he was inside the palace and when he used to enter; he would sit on the same seat that the sultan would sit. An emir from the commanders of the king by the name of Pirouz Shah who often was in the presence of the sultan, envied His Holiness Shah Khalilullah intensively and in the presence of the sultan said to His Holiness: O! Honorable, I have objection to three of your behavior, firstly, the king of the world is the sultan and master of authority and homage on the entire Muslims is obligatory but you come to the sultan’s palace in a palanquin. Second: without observing the status of the king, you sit by the side of the Shah. Third: that you don’t pay to the king’s appointed official the tax for the Kerman properties. His Holiness in reply said that the sultan, would never be more exalted than his crowned father, having total sovereignty and my father would go to that sultan’s palace in a palanquin, even one time had written this couplet for that sultan:

My territory is the endless world

And yours is from Hotan to Shiraz

And concerning, my sitting on the same seat with the king, I heard from my father who said in a tradition narrated from the Holy Prophet (S), that anyone who has this apprehension in his mind that my children should stand up in the presence of a king, is definitely an illegitimate, and I believe in the legitimacy of the sultan. But about the tax on Kerman properties, the fighting between Yazid and my master Hussain (AS) was on such issues. Now whatever you crave for from my property, I shall turn over to you, go and seize them. Shahrokh showed anger to that emir, and said: such interference is none of your business and asked pardon from His Holiness.

His Holiness had lots of devotees and disciples in India from every group, such as, one of the Indian Rajas, sent a chair for His Holiness, the legs of which were of gold and studded with jewels, that he handed exactly the chair, a rosary from rubies and other gifts to Shahrokh. Baisanqor Mirza the eldest son of Shahrokh Mirza had a special devotion to His Holiness, such as that, during the gathering, at the time when His Holiness wanted to wash his hands; the prince himself would bring the base bowl and pitcher ewer for His Holiness personally. Finally since sometime had passed of His Holiness’s stay at Harat, with the consent of Shahrokh set out for Kerman. After sometime appointed his son, Shams-e-din Mohammad as his representative in Mahan and handed over the affairs of the threshold of Mahan to him and set out for Deccan with his other two sons Shah Moheb-e-din Habibullah and Shah Habib-e-din Mohebullah. Shah Nourullah, his other son who was in Deccan for some time previously, prepared a welcome for his noble father, but the sultan of Deccan, Sultan Ahmad Shah Bahmani, who was entangled in war with the Hindus, personally was excused from welcoming, therefore sent a group of aristocrats and distinguished men together with Shah Nourullah to welcome His Holiness. They during receiving His Holiness informed Shah Khalilullah the mental anguish of the sultan due to the attack of Hindus. His Holiness at the time of departure asked for an elephant, tied a palanquin, mounted on it and went towards the battlefield of both armies with the intention of fighting, galloped towards the army of the infidels. When Hindus saw His Holiness with his heavenly magnanimity were distressed and perplexed. The yogi who was among the Hindus hollered that the man who is riding on the elephant has a heavenly aspect and a spiritual status and we do not have the power to defeat him. The infidels on his saying were terrified and started to flee and sultan Ahmad was relieved from this difficulty and kissed the hands of His Holiness and with honor and respect entered Deccan with His Holiness and made a house and all necessities of comfort available for His Holiness and those accompanying him. His Holiness stayed in Deccan till he passed away.

His Holiness Shah Khalilullah had four praiseworthy sons.

1)      Shah Nourullah

2)      Mir Shams-e-din Mohammad

3)      Mir Moheb-e-din Habibullah

4)      Mir Habib-e-din Mohebullah

Shah Nourullah, the eldest son of His Holiness, before the departure of his noble father to Deccan, went to that country and sultan Ahmad welcomed and received him with full respect, preferred him to all eminent persons of that city, even to the son of Seyed Mohammad Gisooderaz. He was resident in Deccan till the end of his life and passed away in that place.

Second son, Shah Shams-e-din, during departure to Deccan, his father kept him in Mahan and handed over the affairs of the threshold to him. His Excellency, is the father of Shah Taghi-e-din and grandfather of Shah Khalilullah the second, the 22nd Qutb of the Naimatullahi spiritual order. Shah Khalilullah the second is the son of His Excellency Shah Taghi-e-din.

The third son of Shah Khalilullah is Moheb-e-din Habibullah. During his birth, his grandfather His Holiness Shah Naimatullah, said about him: "The king of Sind and martyr of India". And the same happened, when during the disturbances of the situation of the sultanate of sultan Ahmad Bahmani and the dispute between them and Hindus His Holiness had participated in war and, finally in the fortress called Bijapour was martyred.

Fourth son, of Shah Khalilullah, is His Holiness Shah Habib-e-din Mohebullah, who attained the vicegerent and successor ship from his noble father and sat on the throne of guidance after his father. His Holiness Shah Khaliulullah in the year 860 Hijri (1456 AD) passed away and handed over the position of caliphate and affairs of the spiritual order to his honorable son Shah Habib-e-din Mohebullah. The duration of his guardianship on the throne of guidance was for 26 years and the age of his life exceeded 85 years.

Contemporary notables of His Holiness from religious authorities and jurists:

From Shia religious authorities:

1) Sheikh Nasser bin Ebrahim Amoli Ghanyaie writer of Havashi Allam

2) Ibn abi Jomhur Shikh Mohammad bin Ali bin Ebrahim bin Abi Jomhur

3) Abul-abbas Ahmad bin Fahd Helli well known as Ibn Fahd.

From the Sunni sect:

1) Ibn Hajr Asqalani

2) Ahmad bin Ali called Shahab-e-din

3) Makerizi Ahmad bin Ali bin Abdulqader called Taghi-e-Din.


From great Mystics and Sufis:

1) Sheikh Jalal-e-din well known as Sheikh Chanda

2) Khajeh Mowayed Mahnaie

3) Khajeh Shams-e-din Mohammad descendent of Sultan Abuyazid Bastami

4) Shams-e-din Mohammad Shadkami

5) Shams-e-din Mohammad Ruji

6) Kamal-e-din Abdulrazzaq Samarqandi

7) Sheikh Mudud Lari


From Sultans and Emirs in Iran and India:

In India:

1) Nezam Shah Bahmani

2) Sultan Mahmood Bahmani.

In Iran:

1) Mirza Shahrokh bin Amir Taimur

2) Mirza Aloq Baik bin Sharokh

3) Mirza Shah Mahmood bin Baisnagor.


From Poets and wise men:

1) Poet Moulana Touti

2) Poet Simi

3) Poet Sheikh Mohammad Jami brother of Abdul Rahman Jami

4) Poet Moullana Lotfi

5) Writer and poet Sharaf-e-din Ali Yazdi.



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