9th Qutb

His Holiness

Sheikh Abol Barakat



Discoverer of the Signs of God and Master of Generosities and Cleaver of Habitual Disposition. His Holiness Sheikh AbolBarakat. In all the biography books is cited by his family name and not by his respectable name. He had a high position in mysticism and in certitude had a distinguished rank, such that one of the illumined righteous in his honor has said:


Hundred thousands Sheikhs appeared and died,

till one such as Abol Barakat manifested.


He was simultaneously during the same period of Sheikh Moudood Chishti and Seyed Ahmad bin Hassan-e-Refaie. He was the successor and vicegerent of Sheikh Abolfazl Baghdadi and after him undertook the guidance of worshippers and initiation of the seekers of the road to the truth and from among the disciples and those who were trained by His Holiness Abol Barakat, the most perfect is Sheikh Abu Masood Andalusi, who under the Sheikh’s auspices kindness reached perfection and became the vicegerent and successor of His Holiness and on behalf of the Sheikh was appointed to guide the worshippers. The date of Abol Barakat’s death has not been recorded.


Contemporaries of His Holiness from Mystics and Sheikhs:

1) Khajeh Moudood Chishti

2) Seyed Ahmad bin Hassan Al Rafaie

3) Sheikh Abdul Qader Gilani

4) Sheikh Zia-e-din Abu Najeeb Sohrevardi


From jurisprudents and jurists:

1) Hafez Abu Saeed Abdulkarim Mohammad bin Mansoor Al Samaahi – a Shafeie jurisprudent

2) Abol Faraj famed as Ibn Jouzi


From Caliphs:

1) Al Mostanjed Billah

2) Al Mostazie be Nourullah Abassi

3) Al Faiz Billah

4) Al Azedu ledinullah Esmaili.


From Sultans and Emirs:

1) Sultan Moqisedin Saljouqi


From His Holiness’s sayings:

Excellent temperament is more virtuous than any superiority and the essence of men are manifested by good temperament. And said: the criterion of Sufism is temperament and whoever has a better temperament, he is a better Sufi.


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تصوف ايران ۱۳۸۵

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