4th Qutb

His Holiness

Sheikh Abu Imran Al Maghrebi




The Sunrise of the Lights and The Ornament of The Righteous, The Connected to His Creator Lord Sheikh Abu Imran Maghrebi. His second patronymic name Abu Osman and his honorable name Saeed Bin Salaam. His Holiness is originally from Ghirvan of Maghreb[1]. In this respect he was well known by the name Saeed Bin Salaam Maghrebi. He was inclined very much to horse riding and hunting when he was young and in one of the Islands, was engaged in casting fishing nets and in the beginning of his ingression to the arena of spiritual traversing was as such that he said: One day on the hunting grounds, I wanted to drink some milk from the wooden cup which was always my milk cup, the dog with me on the hunting grounds barked a lot and attacked me to prevent me from drinking milk. After few minutes again I decided to drink milk, again the dog attacked me and prevented me from drinking milk. For the third time, I seriously decided to drink the milk, the dog before me put its head in the cup and started to drink the milk, not much time had passed from drinking the milk, it bloated and died. After investigation it became clear that a snake had put its head in the milk and had injected poison in it, the dog had seen this and sacrificed itself for me. Since I saw all this, my disposition changed and I abandoned everything and repented and stepped into the arena of spiritual search.

In the "Memorial of the Saints"[2] in the disposition of His Holiness it is said that Sheikh Abu Osman during the first twenty years chose to seclude himself from the people and spent it in the wilderness such that in that period he did not perceive any humans and from meditation and hardship, his body emaciated. Then he received a command to speak and said to him: Speak to the people. Said at first shall speak to those who are inclined to God and are neighbors of the House of God which were more blessed. Intended to go to Mecca. Sheikhs and the aristocrats were informed and came out to welcome him. They found him changed in a state that except the breath of life nothing remained in him. They said, O’ Abu Osman, you lived twenty years in this manner, that the children of Adam in your plight are perplexed. Tell us why and where did you go and what did you see and what did you find and why did you come back again? Said: I went intoxicated and saw the calamities of intoxication and got disappointment and returned back with helplessness, I had gone to find the origin but at last my hands reached nowhere except minor sources. Proclaimed to me: O! Abu Osman go after minor things and don’t think in intoxication because to cut from the root is neither your work and real suppression far off, henceforth returned back disappointed.

His Holiness was at the service of Abol Hassan Dinvari for a period of time and associated with Habib Maghrebi and Abu Omar Zojaji and Abu Omar Nahrjuri. Finally at the hands of the Pole of the time Sheikh Abu Ali Kateb repented and obtained inspiration and under His Holiness’s training reached perfection and was authorized for guidance and became the Sheikh of Sheikhs and His Holiness’ successor. His Holiness for years stayed in the vicinity of the holy city of Mecca after that came to Neishabour and after sometime appointed Sheikh Abu Al Qasim Gurakani who on his behalf had the permission to guide, as his successor and vicegerent and in the year 373 Hijri (984 AD) in Neishabour passed away. His sacred grave is near to the graves of Sheikh Abu Osman Hairi and Abu Osman Nasbi. His Holiness’ age has been written as hundred thirty years and the period of his authority on the throne of guidance was twenty years.


Contemporaries of His Holiness:

Due to the longevity of his age, he had associated with many great Sheikhs that few grand mystics who were his contemporaries suffices to be cited.

1) Sheikh Abu Al Qasim Gurakani his successor

2) Abol Khair Cheshti

3) Abol Hussein Sufi

4) Abol Khair Aqtaa

5) Abol Qasem Qasri

6) Abu Omar Zojjaj

7) Abu Bakr Shibli

8) Abol Hassan Zaye Dinvari

9) Abol Qasim Bashar Yasin


From Caliphs:

Al Mutio Billah and Al Tayeo Billah Abassi and Al Moezes e-dinallah and Al Azizo Billah Fatemi.


From Amirs and Sultans:

Azedoldouleh Deylami and Ezoldouleh and Mouyado Douleh Ibn Roknodouleh Deylami.


From Religious authorities and Jurists:

1) Abu Al Hossein Mohammad bin Ahmad famed as Ibn Samoon Abu Hanafiyeh Maghrebi

2) Osman Bin Abdullah bin Mansour Qazi

Short account of His Holiness’s statements

Said in the long age I obtained, I saw nothing had remained the same, such as youthful times except wishes. And said: to maintain restrain is taking care of bodily organs under the commands of God. And said: whoever chooses the speech of the rich over the dervishes, the Almighty God will subject him to death of the heart. And said: the disposition of the sinful is better than the pretentious claimants, because the sinful is always searching for ways to repent and the pretentious claimant is clamped in illusion of his own claims. Abd-o-Rahman Balkhi says: I was at the presence of the Sheikh, somebody was drawing water from the well and from the well wheel a sound was heard. Said: O Abd-o-Rahman, do you know what the well wheel says? I said: No, Said: It says Allah, Allah that whoever claims to do Sama[3] and if he cannot hear the sounds of the birds and the swaying of the trees and the sound of the wind, he in his claim for Sama is a liar. And said to someone, do you want me to counsel you? Said: I want, Said: accuse your own deeds, till it becomes precious and do not accuse the people till the quarrel disappears. And said: the story of a disciple in cleaning his heart is such that someone is said to extract this tree. How much he thinks and endeavors he cannot. Then says, I should be patient till strength be regained and then at that time will extract. How much he delays, the tree becomes stronger and he becomes weaker and extraction becomes more difficult. And said: piety is to keep the limits, without guiltiness and oppression.


Few words in generosities of His Holiness:

In a Tazkira, it is said that Abu Omar Zajaji said: I served Abu Osman for a long time till it happened that I could not bear to be apart from him. One night I dreamt, that I was told O' Abu Omar till when are you going to pay attention to Abu Osman and be occupied with him and turn your back to my threshold? The next day I told the devotees of the Sheikh that I had such a strange dream. All swore that we had the same dream and heard the same oration. I was thinking that should I mention this to the Sheikh or not, meanwhile, the Sheikh came out of his house hastily barefoot and said: O! devotees, as you heard what was said, turn your face away from me and turn towards the threshold of God the Almighty and don’t disturb me anymore. Also Abol Hassan Kashani said that Sheikh said: On that day when I will leave this world, the angels will sprinkle dust. Abol Hassan said, on the day he left this world, I was there; because of heavy dust storm nobody could see anybody in Neishabour.


[1] Maghreb includes five countries, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Mauritania and is called Maghreb Arab Union

[2] The book of Sheikh Farid-e-din Attar Nishabouri

[3] A customary sufi dance performed in a worship ceremony by spinning one's body in repetitive circles



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