3rd Qutb

His Holiness

Sheikh Abu Ali Kateb





Gatherer and Possessor of Glories and the Venue of Qualities of Excellence Sheikh Abu Ali Kateb. His patronymic name Abu Ali and his honorable name has been recorded in books as Hassan Bin Ahmad Al Kateb Al Misri. He is from illumined Sheikhs and of the ranks of the fourth.[1] He associated with Abu Bakr Misri and Sheikh Abol Qasem Nasrabadi and is a devotee of Sheikh Abu Ali Rudbari and by the hands of His Holiness was disciplined and attained perfection and finally succeeded to become his successor and vicegerent. Abu Osman Maghrebi and Abu Ali Hassan Bin Ali Al Mashtouli acquired his spiritual training. After the death of Sheikh Abu Ali Rudbari His Holiness sat on the throne of guidance of the Maroufiyeh Spiritual Order and till the year 353 Hijri (964 AD) was engaged in guidance responsibility and during these years appointed Sheikh Abu Osman Maghrebi as his successor and passed away. Duration of his authority over the throne of guidance was approximately for thirty years.

Contemporaries of His Holiness from Sheikhs of Tarighah:

1)Abu Al Qasem Qasri

2) Abu Al Qasem Jaffer Bin Mohammad Al Mogheri

3) Abu Al Qasem Bashar Yasin

4) Abu Bakr


From religious authorities and jurists:

1) Abu Ali Hassan Bin Qasem Tabari a Shafe’ie jurist

2) Abu Al Hassan Bin Issa Bin Abdullah Nahvi

3) Abu Ali Hassan Bin Hossein Bin Abi Horayrah Shafe’ie

4) Abu Saeed Hassan Bin Abdullah Sirafi


From Caliphs:

1) Al Razi Billah

2) Almotaghi Billah

3) Al Moktafi Billah

4) Almotolelah Abbasi

5) Moezo Le dinallah Alavi in Maghreb


From Amirs and Sultans:

1) Emad-o-douleh Deylami

2) Rokn-o-douleh Deylami

3) Moezo douleh

4) Kafoor Akhshidi in Egypt


Short account of His Holiness’s statements:

He has said: Whenever an obedient cuts ties totally from others besides God, the first consequence is that he becomes needless from the people. And said: Association with the wicked and sinful is a disease and its remedy is abstention from them. And said: whenever the fear of God takes place in heart, un-necessary talk does not flow from the tongue. The Almighty God says, the one will reach me is the one who bears for us (that is bearing calamities coming from us).

Of the disposition and generosities of His Holiness it suffices that he stated: whenever difficulties comes upon me, I see Hazrat Mostafa (S) in my dreams and ask about that problem.

[1] Quadraple classes is a term used by wayfarers. These classes includes: 1)Class of Ring's Companions 2) Servitors of Ring's Companions 3) Servitors of Servitors of the Ring's Companions 4) Others.


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